Ready, Set, Jump…

They say that God makes you uncomfortable when he’s wanting to show you another open door and see you grow. This is what lead me to create a blog with no clue what I am doing. I’ve jumped into the unknown hoping that this path with lead me to victory as a young single mom of two little boys.

Currently as I write this post I am still employed as a CNA in a nursing home. I love my job, I love taking care of people and hearing their stories and lifting them up. While I am working though I can’t help but think about my two little ones at home. The oldest turning four soon with some behavioral issues and the other soon to be nine months old whose diapers I could be changing instead. Their emotionally abusive dad moved out and far away about two months after the baby was born.

Issues that I hadn’t noticed before, or possibly tried not to notice, started popping out of the woodwork. The four year old started hitting himself and me, he suddenly started having accidents in his pants, the cat was peeing everywhere in the house, the dog was diagnosed with fear aggression, and the baby thankfully went from cranky and crying to smiling all the time.

I believe God is calling me home to take care of my family and also start healing myself. I have been praying for his guidance and what should I do next and all I came up with is write… so that’s what I’m doing here. I jumped into a blog about my struggles and few victories. I’m hoping that whoever may come to read this can relate and find hope or offer some wisdom and advice.

I called this blog terrible two moms not because it’s about a lesbian couple raising kids, if that’s what you came for then I am sorry to disappoint. I came up with the name because after my children’s father moved out, my mom moved in. So it’s us two raising two boys. Soon maybe I can get her on here to offer her stories of raising me and my two brothers and what it is like having adult children.

Thanks for your time….. more to come soon.


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