Mouse Paint

It was just doctor Seuss’ birthday and every year at my son’s preschool they dress up as a favorite character from any book (not just Dr Seuss) and bring the book to school. I believe it’s called read across America day!

This year my little one picked Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. He said he wanted to be the red mouse because red is his favorite color. Thankfully this was an easier and cheaper costume to make. I got most of the pieces from Walmart and a few things from around the house.


First I went to Walmart and picked out a red t shirt that would fit him and matching red shorts (it’s hot here). Then I got an XL red t shirt, an XL orange t shirt, a package of little girls fabric covered headbands, orange socks from the baby section, and some red felt.

I cut a long skinny section off of the orange t shirt and sewed it onto the bottom of the red shorts to make it look like the mouse when he played in the yellow puddle and made orange.

I cut the XL red t shirt into long strips and cut the orange one into some smaller strips. I then tied the red and orange fabric pieces together and then braided them to make a tail that looks like it was dipped into the yellow paint too. I then sewed the tail onto the shorts.


For the ears, I took one of the head bands and covered it with some of the red fabric from that big t shirt and hot glued it together. I cut the felt to make big mouse ears. I cut four pieces so that I could make them thicker and glue them onto the headband easier. My littlest one loved the mouse ears so I think I’m going to make more animal ears with the rest of the headbands.


The paint brush is optional. I happened to have the materials lying around the house. I used some brown paper that came in an amazon box, an empty wrapping paper tube, newspaper, clear packing tape, gold washi tape, and bright red glossy paint.

I took the wrapping paper tube and stuffed it with balled up newspaper so that it would be sturdier. I actually did that step afterward but I suggest doing it first. You can push it in there with a broom. I grabbed a bunch of the brown paper and loosely rolled it up and then tightened up the end that would be the top of the paint brush. The bottom part I wrapped around the wrapping paper tube and secured it with packing tape. I then covered that part with the gold washi tape. Then I covered the entire wrapping paper tube with packing tape because My kids were getting a little wild with the paint brush and I wanted him to at least have it last for school. I covered the tip of the paint brush with that glossy red paint that matched perfectly with his shirt and still looked wet after it dried.

And that’s what made an awesome costume. Those shirts and pair of shorts were only $2.88 each at my Walmart.



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