I am a young single mom, the kind that the elderly frequently exclaim is too young to be a mom. I am also a caregiver to the elderly so I hear about how I am to young to be a parent all the time. I have a four-year old boy who is extremely sweet but can be equally terrifying. I have a nine month old boy who is teething and very attached to mommy. Parenting these two boys at my age with barely any money is tough, it is even tougher with a cat and dog that have behavior issues. Lucky for us though we have my mom and her well-mannered pooch to help out. My mom has her fair share of struggles and victories. She raised me and my two older brothers. Even though we are all adults now, she still guides and teaches us many things. Read our blog for some stories and or contact us with some of yours.

Check back with us soon because more will come. This thing is just getting started.